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Thursday, October 10, 2013

My new stamped signature...

Well, some of you know that I make cards. Lots of cards....cards I should try to sell because I have way too many for personal use anymore. They are my mini-passion. Well, I've been making them for years now and always play around with different stamp designs on the back...a little hallmark effect that I've tried to do since I was a young gal..including a hand-drawn barcode in the early years... so I wanted everything to be uniform and why not get all this done at once. 

Here it is...the big stamp reveal...


My husband and I have about 8 parents between the two of us. So, the Scorpio birthdays are coming up and I decided to make my mom stationary! Duh. Here they are...mom if you're reading this you're going to spoil your gift. 

I found this vintage wallpaper scrap in my classroom and snatched it up immediately years ago. Now I finally have something good to use it for. This is why hoarding works sometimes. 
I love this print.

Playing with stamps...here's another birthday card set...

If I Had a Store...

If I had a store of pure amazingness, which is what it would be, then all of these sweaters and things would definitely be for sale. 
Classic 80's Rack

"My mother in the 80's rack"

Jessica Fletcher Rack. 

This one is just ridiculous. I'd probably do a special tacky teacher rack. 

Southwestern themed rack. 

Creepy Animal Print Rack

Classic 80's

Tacky Christmas Rack

Inappropriate Humor Rack

Album Covers you can't live without rack

Rainboots in the shape of cowgirl boots...

Jessica Fletcher Rack

Naturally, I would have a Halloween section.

All ideas copyrighted by Erin Scobey! No stealing my awesome store ideas. 

Fall Nails...Chevron-y with Teal