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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Banners Banners Banners…


I saw this cool chick at Porter Flea last year who had hand painted awesome things and put them on string. So, naturally I had to make it myself. I had a nice stack of cardstock, watercolors and ink. It was a glorious Spring Break.

My good friend’s baby shower is coming up and she is a photographer and butterfly conservationist, so naturally I landed on making her cameras and butterflies. I also made a little banner with her future daughter’s name. Awww.


CLEA letters.png


Spring Break Time = Things Get Made Everyday

Outdated technology themed banners and illustrations….practicing my “illustration” side. I really want to illustrate a children’s book. I need a story though.

IMG_3551IMG_3552Telephono Radio.png

Monday: Telephones


Tuesday: Record Players, Tapes and Radios


Pink Radio.png


Wednesday: Rabbits and Teacups

rabbit on book page.png

Six Teacups


Thursday: Cameras


two large camerasfour cameras on book pages

Friday: Vegetables and Woodland Creatures

vegetablesbird study for tat.png

woodland creatures.pngbird.png


These last two are older, but fit nicely into the category.

Rabbit Trapeze.png

“Rabbit Trapeze”, watercolor on paper, 2014


“Roads with Fox and Hedgehog”, collage on paper, 2014