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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Danny T Decorates a Tree







Glue and Glitter Make Everything Better…


I found these little “blank'” boxes for 60% off at JoAnn’s the other day. And since I needed something to ‘box up/gift wrap handmade earrings in (for xmas), I figured they’d be perfect. I couldn’t decide what to add to the lids to spice them up, and I landed on glitter, naturally.

I started by covering the snowman with a solid sheet of glitter…but soon remembered drawing with glue was more fun.



They resemble cookies a little bit…don’t ya think?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Book Page Switch Plate


Find a well-illustrated book, cut a page out, trace the switch plate cover leaving at least 1/2 inch allowance around the edge. Simply cut and form to switch plate using mod podge. Neatly wrap edges and use an awl to poke the holes for the screws.


Framed Doily Earring Display


Frame, doily, hot glue gun


This frame had a mirror in it and was painted hideous gold…so I removed the mirror, spray painted it bronze and hot glued a doily to the back. Now it’s perfect for displaying the earrings I’ve been making lately!


Jewelry Display



Earrings for Christmas Gifts or for me…I haven’t decided yet.


I love the safety pin idea…stole it from you know where.

Necktie Tree Skirt

While browsing pinterest this morning looking for diy tree skirt ideas, I stumbled upon this amazing idea. I had quite a collection of ties I’ve purchased over the years from thrift stores. I’ve made some tie purses, tie coozies for father’s day and a tie pillow even but never thought of a tree skirt until today! I used a lot of ties…at least 25-30 and as you can kind of tell this doesn’t go all around the tree…I figured presents would cover up the back anyways.



Peppermint Nails


Glittered Dinosaur Gift Toppers

This one is super fun and pretty self-explanatory. Just paint glue (mod podge or elmers) onto a plastic animal and sprinkle glitter all over it until fully coated.
Let it dry for a few hours, then hot glue to a sturdy box for a sparkly Christmas gift topper.

I used very fine glitter. One hint is to purchase a lot of one color and pour into a bowl (I would recommend a sealable tupperware container) and then use a spoon to coat animal in glitter. A lot less clean up and glitter management that way!

DIY Wood Grain Wrapping Paper


Alright Martha Stewart lovers…here’s a great way to add a special something to your Christmas wrappings. I made this wrapping paper last year and it was an instant favorite.

Materials Needed:

-Martha Stewart wood grainer tool (available in the paint dept @ home depot)

-Latex house paint or tempera paint

-Large brush/water cup

(Optional: Martha Stewart glazes…)


Step One: Paint a large section with color. It can be a little watered down or a little thick and goopy.


Use wood grainer tool to drag through the paint, slightly rocking the tool as you pull downward.



Work quickly so the paint doesn’t dry, painting chunks at a time.


Repeat process until paper is filled. This year I experimented with some different colors in tempera and latex enamel paints.


The brown paper above to the right, is with the martha stewart glaze…vintage gold and it looks amazing and sparkly.


On this last example, I just squirted paint directly onto the paper, spread it out with the brush and then used the wood grainer.