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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sarah's Wedding (Favor Table)

So my best friend got married elopement style but more like private wedding style in FL and she's having a big reception in a couple of weeks. She needed a sign for her favors, which will be 'moonpies' with a cute little label that looks like chalk on a chalkboard. All the rage right now, I know. 

So naturally she asked her painting major best bud to help out. 

I used a Pinterest recipe to make my own chalkboard paint. I don't know how it would hold up with actual chalk, but the texture is amazing! All you need is paint in whatever color you want and Dry Non Sanded Grout. The lady who's blog I looked at measured all her ingredients...but we all know I don't measure stuff...so I just gently dumped some into my paint and stirred until it looked like the right consistency. 

The lettering might be a little wanky..but in person it's really cute. I started with the main sign...and then decided I needed to make more!

So now they will have a full table of cute little signs and information for their guests about the weddin'. 

And naturally, when I start something I like and have the supplies out, I usually look around my house and try to figure out what I can abduct to be my craft slave .....

First it was the dog food container...which now looks fancy and cute. 

And then I saw a piece of really nice thick cardboard laying around....so I painted it and freehanded this welcome sign. Poked two holes with an awl, tied some ribbon and voila...our front door looks really nice! 

Also, multi-seasonal too!

Life is better with paint. And non sanded grout. 

Diy Stamps

Making lots of wedding things for friends and family right now. I was experimenting with creating my own stamp and I can't believe I've never tried this before. What a dummy. 
So, water bottle caps are the best, because I (a person who embraces and loves happy accidents) discovered this awesome postmark looking ring around the image. I literally cut up a styrofoam togo box for these shapes. 

Here's a heart..but you can see the other stamps I made. 

I am loving the sailboats. 

I used super glue to attach the foam and I also use wine corks, bottle lids and wooden discs that I had lying around. So easy and fun! 

Napkin Artistry: The Candle

My hubs and I learned how to make "The Candle" on our honeymoon cruise in a Napkin Artistry session. It was one of the highlights of the trip...I guess I'm a dork. There were others but this was the one that really stuck with me. 
It's an easy way to fancy up your table and...it's easy to remember! 
These can also hold your silverware for you, stand up on the plate (depending on the stiffness of your napkins)...they're easy to be creative with. So have fun. 

Step One: Right side down, make a diamond shape.

Step Two: Fold in half, upwards. (pretty side is showing now)

Step Three: 
Fold up about 2 inches...sometimes they look fun when you do a thick piece at the bottom. 

Step Four: Flip it over! Then begin rolling across...don't forget to flip it!

Step Five: Roll all the way to the end, but leave this little flap out. 

Step Six: Tuck the flap into the pocket....see step 4 if you don't have a pocket...gotta remember to flip. :) 

Step Seven: If you want a true "candle"...at the top peel back one piece of napkin to add some flare. 

Voila! The Candle. 

Pretty cute! 

You could also put a flower in each one...right off the bat I'm gonna say Zinnia's would be lovely. 

Hilary's Bachelorette Party Invitations

My cousin came over tonight for dinner and "invitation assembly night"...we got it all done in one sitting and they look pretty cute. So "L" bought all the supplies and I think she spent around $30 on ribbon, cardstock (2 colors), pearls (that we didn't use), pink puff paint, pink construction paper and a nice black felt tip pen. We made 20 invites in about 2 1/2 hours...mind you they were all handwritten.

To start, I drew a very simple corset and we cut that out from thick paper to use as a template. The white background you see is the heavy cardstock cut at 5" x 7"....we were able to just cut a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 in half then trim off the excess. Our envelopes, which I already had, were standard hallmark-y ones that are about 5x7 so that's why we went with that size. Start with what you do have and go from there!

The bows are pretty self explanatory (used hot glue) and on the back we cut out 'pink panties' which I didn't take a pic of...but that's where we wrote details about the shower and her sizes on the panties...we used a regular old glue stick to attach the corset and the panties. (dollar tree!)

I think "L" is going to put 3 little dots of the pink paint under the little poem just to help define that space.

They turned out adorable and we super easy to put together. Hope this helps if you're thinking of affordable/easy invitation projects. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

July Drawings

Trying to be productive on my summer vacation. I guess I can't just sit around and watch movies and play Donkey Kong all day. I mean that's what I've been doing, but sooner or later I start to feel like I'm wasting my brain away. So if I draw and paint, I don't feel so much like a degenerate. 

Snacks and 4th of July

Fruit Flag
blueberries, strawberries (halved), bananas in large chunks

Roasted Tato Fries

sweet potatoes and yukon gold potatoes
olive oil
sunflower seeds
salt and pepper
garlic powder
oven, 395 F for 20-30 min. 

Bahamas Vacation...

Well, we looked forward to it for a year! Lovely Bahamas. I am so happy with our excursions to private islands. Best part of the trip. And snorkeling in the clear waters of the Bahamas? Perfect.

Blue Lagoon

2 year anniversary

love me some Coco Cay

typical beach foot shot

crazy thing on the beach

tiger stripe pedi

he found a bun

elegant night jewelry brought to you by forever 21...

favorite meal: beef tenderloin and mashed taters. yumm. 

beautiful waters of blue lagoon island, bahamas

i cannot tell you how amazing this water was. it was like swimming inside a jewel.


our boat, enchantment of the seas

i love tug boats.

me, climbing the rock wall 

last day on board

cocoa beach, fl